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As a program is used, people start to ask questions about the "little" details of its use. This page shows the most frequently asked questions regarding SLBas. If this page does not answer your question, please let us know! You can send mail to us from the Contact Page.

  1. Q - How do I start a new canvas?
    A - Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-N or use the File|Clear Workspace (New) menu command.

  2. Q - How do I remove a segment?
    A - Press either the Backspace or Delete key.

  3. Q - I hit a number on the numeric keypad, and SLBas acts as though I've hit an arrow key. What's going on?
    A - Check to see that the Numlock light is on. Numlock is like a shift lock key for the numeric keypad, and most system have numlock turned on by default. If numlock is NOT turned on, the numeric keys will revert to being editing and arrow keys.

  4. Q - Can SLBas display the segment lengths on the drawing?
    A - Yes, it can. If you have a version 1.5 or above, SLBas will display the lengths of the individual segments as they are entered onto the screen, and on the printout. If you have a version lower than 1.5, upgrade to the latest version. This option is ON by default, and can be changed by using the Preferences Dialog Box, under the Edit Menu.

  5. Q - When I upgrade my registered version of SLBas, do I have to pay again?
    A - No. Registration of your software entitles you to free upgrades forever.

  6. Q - Pressing F1 does not bring up online help. What do I do?
    A - This problem has FINALLY been fixed for version 1.7. Please upgrade to the current version if you have any problems with bringing up online help, and are using a version previous to 1.7.

  7. Q - I want to use Metric measurements instead of feet and inches, how do I switch?
    A - Version 1.8 and above supports both Metric and U.S. units. Go to the Preferences Dialog Box (using Edit | Preferences from the main menu), and click the Units Button. Choose your units in the Right Pane of the box, and click OK.

  8. Q - A printed drawing is overwriting the headings on the printed report. In fact, it's going over the footer, too.
    A - This seems to have been an unreported problem since version 1.3 This problem has been corrected and is currently available in version 1.7. If this problem persists, even if you have upgraded to 1.7, contact Support and remember to include the dimensions of the drawing.

  9. Q - Can SLBas print information about the report, such as the name of the policy holder or the date of the report?
    A - Yes, by entering the information into the Report Information Dialog Box. Either press the "r" key, or click the Black I icon in the upper right corner of the SLBas window.

  10. Q - Can SLBas save the drawing as either a text file or image?
    A - You can save the report itself, if you print the document as a PDF file instead of directly to the printer, but you will not be able to open it in SLBas. As to saving the actual report as a text file for sharing with other SLBas users, the provisions for Save, Save As, Open, New, Windows, Close and Close All menu commands will be added to SLBas starting in version 2.0.

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