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Current Events And News
02-16-2004: Version 2.x [Beta] versions are now being issued. Many enhancements and structural improvements are planned for the core code and the main window (which has already been replaced by multiple scrollable windows). The proposed release date of SLBas 2.1 is August 1st, 2004. Meanwhile, enjoy the growing functionality of the Beta versions (2.0). Page down to learn about Beta versions of SLBas.
07-03-2002: Version 1.8 is finished! The user can now use either U.S. or Metric units, making SLBas international! Also added: using the + and - keys for easier zooming, entering report information directly from the program instead of blank boxes on the report, and changes in the report. Download it today!
01-15-2002: If you have already registered SLBas then you do not need to re-register. If you have not yet registered your version of SLBas, then after you have finished downloading and installing SLBas, please visit our registration page at RegSoft.Com to register and unlock your program.

SLBas is installed using a self-extracting Setup file
To start the download from our primary location, click this link: EXE File, scan for viruses first or if that fails, try the alternate location: EXE File, scan for viruses first . Note the name of the file (i.e., sl18-148.exe) and its destination on your computer. A good place for saving it is on the desktop. The download should take less than 10 minutes over a 56K modem, and only a few seconds if you have broadband. If needed, open Windows Explorer to find the downloaded file. When you find the installation file, it's a very good idea to scan it for any virus infections.

To start the SLBas setup process, double-click the icon of the downloaded file. The files needed for installation of SLBas will be automatically extracted, and the Setup process will start immediately. Any icons from a previous version of SLBas will be removed, and then the Setup program itself will start. If there are any difficulties with the setup procedure contact the SLBas support staff by using our Contact And Support page. Follow the setup instructions, and the SLBas program group and icons will appear in your Start Menu.

Remember to delete the downloaded file from your system after setup is complete. Do not double-click on the file again, it will simply re-install SLBas. If the setup defaults have been followed you will be able to start the SLBas program by clicking the Start Button, and When you start the SLBas program as a new user, a Remember To Register box will appear to encourage you to visit the registration page at RegSoft.Com to pay for your new software. The trial period for version 1.8 is three days.

Beta (In-development) Software
SLBas is a constant work in progress. As new features are added, or bugs eliminated, development versions (Betas) of SLBas become stable enough to release to registered users and beta field testers. However, there are several points about beta software that must be made: We would prefer that only registered users who have agreed to beta field test the software and who are aware of the dangers of such testing download and use SLBas beta versions. We want our customers to be happy and productive with their product, and relying on beta software could be very dangerous.

If you still wish to download and install the current beta release of SLBas, start by opening the Beta Software Page and download the newest .EXE file by clicking on its link. Install it the same way you installed the production version. Note that SLBas 2.x versions will NOT install over your current SLBas software. Please remember to scan the file for virus code before starting installation. If the directory is empty, it means that SLBas is not currently in a development cycle.

Please check back on the beta page every few days during a development cycle. The build numbers could change nightly. And please leave comments for us at our Contact And Support page.

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